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Malala Fund

Malala Yousafzai was just 12 years old when she became an education activist. As the Taliban's military presence in her town of Swat, Pakistan increased, she and her father began authoring a blog for the BBC Urdu service in support of girl's education, and about the increasing threat of attack on their school. 

In 2012, Malala was on her way home from school when a masked gunman entered the schoolbus and asked for Malala by name. The gunman shot her one time; the bullet passed through her head, neck and shoulder. Malala miraculously survived, but was in critical condition and spent nearly 3 months in a UK hospital. 

The attack by the Taliban received worldwide attention, and protests in support of Malala erupted across Pakistan. In 2014, Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize. She contributed the $500,000 award entirely to create a secondary school for girls in Pakistan. 

Malala and her father, Ziauddin, co-founded the Malala Fund in 2013 to raise awareness of, and to advocate for the millions of girls that are denied a formal education across the globe. The Malala Fund amplifies the voices of young women and girls all over the world, and advocates for the resources and policy changes across the planet that are needed for girls to complete 12 years of school. 

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Photo Credit: Southbank Center

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