Experience 300 miles of camaraderie, endurance, and fantastic scenery - all while raising money to level the playing field for women and girls interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  

This year we lost a wonderful human and avid supporter of our Supporting Women in Science cause. Jamey Hollingsworth was a founding member of SWIS, sat on the board as Treasurer, contributed time and expertise on the scholarship committee, and participated in our annual rides. He was a genuine person that loved the outdoors and spoke about his wife and two daughters often. He recently lost his battle with colorectal cancer so we would like to dedicate this years' ride to Jamey.  

Supporting Women in Science:

It's no secret that a woman's road to success is still largely uphill, especially in fields that have been historically comprised of mostly men, such as science, engineering and mathematics. 

The Pedal for Women in Science 300 Ride is our yearly fundraiser for our non-profit, Supporting Women in Science, an organization dedicated to helping women pursue their dreams of being scientists and engineers. Please visit www.supportingwomeninscience.org to learn more!

About the ride:

What started as friendly and potentially hypothetical conversation between two friends and coworkers about a small bike ride in California, has transformed into something much larger. We have raised over $50,000 for women to pursue STEM education, and we aren't slowing down...

Pedal for Women in Science 300 is an annual event, and is open to everyone who supports our efforts to provide scholarships for women studying science.  Many of the riders are scientists and engineers who believe expanding the field to include more women is good for both men and women.  New minds mean new discoveries and new opportunities for all. If you are interested in riding please explore the website further and click here to join our team!

pedal for
women in science 300